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Hey hey hey everyone. Sorry that it has been a grip since I have last posted on the exploits of the Beatdown crew, but hey that's life I guess. Our little corner of the internet has been trying to keep things interesting. After we killed Ragnaros we kept working on my legendary weapon (which I got a few months ago, hurray!). Then after DS launched and we all had a good Christmas break we revved up the [Uber Gloves of Buttfucking Destruction] and bitch slapped Deathwing back to... non-existence I guess? He kinda just vaporized into the Maelstrom, so I assume he is dead. But hey, that never stopped Blizzard from resurrecting dragons!

Anyway, since DW died its been a bit quiet around these parts. People are getting excited for D3's impending launch, and then SC2's expansion launch, and then MoP later this year. Sheesh, Blizzard is getting a lot of my money this year. At any rate, we have more-or-less ceased raiding because hey, we don't have to fucking answer to the likes of YOU! But no, when a dead expansion gets boring it gets boring. Simple as that. As a crew we will be doing some D3 action, then some SC2 action in the coming months.

You will be pleased to know that we do have plans (not set plans...or written plans...or even 100% plans...but plans goddamnit!) to be returning to WoW with the release of Mists of Pandaria!

We are always looking for any returning Beatdown'ers to join us in our exploits. Be it via raiding, PVPing, or just chatting. We miss you folks! Come back, won't you? Trespasser, Audiology, Shatt, Bigfatmatt, Mogrik, Orbnaticus and many others miss you!

If you ever wanted to drop any of us a line, or add me as a RealID friend, rejoin BB, or just shoot the shit...hit me up! john.davids@gmail.com

I hope to see some old faces in the near future. When MoP gets closer, expect a site redesign, a forum archive purge, recruitment talks, leadership re-arrangement, and just overall more activity. Until then, stay classy, drop me a line, and don't forget to save a pretzel for the gas jets.

Guild Master of Beatdown Brigade
Posted on 16 Apr 2012 by Trespasser
Beatdown = Off the Rag

Yep. We did it. Again. Back on September 22nd, 2011 after about a month of trying we sent the swirling ball of flame back to whence it came. A very well designed fight and quite fun. Fuck non-centered hammers for sons. Fuck people who can't avoid flame waves. And fuck your mom. We all eagerly await his return in:

Harrison Jones and The Last Crusade (To Molten Core)

After we killed Ol' Fire Crotch, we wanted to start work on heroics. Ya know, get a leg up on the next tier of content..make it easier..farm my legendary staff. But nooooooooo. Assholes with "jobs" have to raid less and some people decided "not to play the game anymore" citing that Trespasser was a "douche bag of cataclysmic proportions" and that he "doesn't bathe with any form of regularity". I hope these folks find whatever fulfillment they are looking for elsewhere that they are no longer getting from the game and wish them all the best. (Oh and also that their dicks get eaten off by bedbugs).

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, heroics. God, what a nightmare it is to get personnel in to want to work on that shit. Its the same fucking fights, only "harder". Why start wiping to the same boss you wiped to months ago. That shit is cruel. I wouldn't subject my retarded neighbor's step-daughter to that shit..... and I tried to flush her down the toilet once.

So we plugged the holes as we always do, (stop laughing Kelrik) and downed a our first heroic a few nights ago. Domo. 4 shotted that shit. We will be looking to flush out both Audio's and my own legendary staves before 4.3 drops where we can take down The World Breaker himself. Stay tuned!
Posted on 05 Nov 2011 by Trespasser

Annnnnddddd we're back! Welcome back to the news section, brothers and sisters. It's been a very very long time (LK kill I think) since we have shared what has been going on in our corner of the internet. Let me see what I can do to rectify that.

The last time we joined our heroes, they had just defeated the big, bad, granddaddy of them all, THE Lich King. Oh yes, he went down harder than a sack of potatoes. Or your mother. Or your mother in a sack of potatoes. Listen, the point is, we killed the son of a bitch. After doing a few repeat kills for posterity sake (also, Shatt couldn't get enough of t-bagging the guy) things were more-or-less wrapped up in the WOTLK saga. Sure, there was some dragon Blizzard released afterwards that we did kill. But who cares. What was his/her name again? Halizal? Maylion? Large Hadron Collider? I dunno, do you really care? Yeah, we didn't either.

All eyes were fixated on the next expansion, Cataclysm. Whispers started to roll down the foothills of an elite team being formed from within the ranks of The Beatdown Brigade. An alliance of old and new raiders. A group of nerds, forging an unstoppable force the likes of which had not been seen in an age. A bold new team that would dare take on He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (no not Voldemort you fucking nerd). Here they are seen in a local newspaper article.

And raid they did. After lazily leveling up to 85 roughly an entire month after the game was out, they decided to see what all this razz-ma-tazz was all about. Of course, in true BB fashion, we smashed up the joint. Killing 1-3 new bosses every week for about a month. Hit a small snag on some dude with multiple heads, but he killed him eventually.

Then, we got stuck on the most horrible boss of all. It was big, mean, had limitless HP, and was unrelenting. Yes, my friends, I am talking about the (gasp) REAL LIFE BOSS. Some had to move for new jobs. Some lost their jobs all-together. Others had a kid or finished up school. And a few other douche-bags dropped the game totally in favor of that new one. Opening...Cleft...Estrangement. You know the one. Aperture? Whatever. AND ALL HOPE WAS STARTING TO BE LOST!!!

But fear not. Order was restored. We restored our ranks with the best-of-the-best. Undiscovered prodigies. True masters (of the universe). Such stunners as:

Raphial "THIS is the worst boss ever" Martenez
Bigfatmatt "I wish I was high" Garcia
Xaspen "lol in a hotel again" Banderas
Risenseraph "i can bring my DK" Lopez
Highprofit "you know im just going to quit, right?" Fernandez


Lamerabix "you can't understand a word I say" Gomez

And so, we stormed the proverbial beaches of BoT and BWD once again. Vanquishing Cho'gall and Nefarian (AGAIN) months before the next content would arrive. So, being the Rico Suaves that we were, we took a break. A month long break. Because heroics are not fun. ITS THE SAME FUCKING ENCOUNTERS, BLIZZARD.

4.2 dropped, and with it, a new raid instance. The Firelands (aka MOLTEN CORE 2: THIS TIME, IT'S PERSONAL) was upon us so we decided to don our Epic Gloves of Uber Buttfucking Destruction and lay the smackdown once again. We have been trashing a new boss every week and are getting close to ol' Fire Crotch himself, Ragnaros. As it stands, we are 4/7 in FL with a goddamn close kill on the fire bird. Not too shabby if you consider we raid 6 hours per week, 5.5 of those waiting for Risen to get his Noggenfogger.

I promise to do my best to not let the news go wanting again, and if it does...well fuck you too buddy, I got shit to do!


Oh, and can someone get this woman's phone number please? I would like to buy HER a beer.

Posted on 08 Aug 2011 by Trespasser
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