Out of life's school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. -Friedrich Nietzsche

War is upon us. In a time once thought to have brought end to the ever present conflicts of this war torn world, darkness and death have returned. The tenuous pacts that unified the races of Azeroth have crumbled, leaving anarchy and betrayal in their wake. The good people of Durotar, Mulgore, and Tirisfal are once again at risk from the very world that gave us life.Terror rules our daily lives, and comes disguised as the frail gnome, the wise elf, the noble dwarf, and the diplomatic human. Chaos and destruction loom as ancient demons, power hungry warlords, vengeful elementals, and insane mystics plot against us. Yet, in the face of such turmoil, there is a growing force determined to fight for peace in these lands. A force that will strike against the wicked with unmatched fury and vengeance! We are Horde! We are the Beatdown Brigade!

Born from the battlefields of space and time, the Beatdown Brigade have come to Azeroth in a time of great peril. We are Forsaken, Orc, Tauren, and Troll. A guild unified by a strong sense of honor and comradery, as well as the burning desire for victory over any challenge we face. We will stand side-by-side with our brothers in arms to protect our people from the suffering and injustice caused by those who would work against us! We will fight against the mighty Dragonkin, the foolhardy Blackhand Orc, the minions of the Scourge, and the guardians of the Core! We will move to crush the zealotry of the Burning Blade and the Scarlet Crusade! We will stand with our Horde brethern against genocide at the hands of the Alliance! We will crush our enemies and bathe in victory!

Pretty epic, eh? Well there really is no other way to describe the Beatdown Brigade! Formed in the mid-90's as one result of a Human Sexuality and Zoology experiment at Cornell University, the Brigade has enjoyed much success and comradery over the years. Our founding members Colonel Wuppass, General Malaise, and Sleepy Weasel (known as The Big 3) banded together after being mercilessly tossed from the experiment for what can only be described as "a tasteless exposure of primate genitalia to ordained clergymen in a public zoo." This devastated The Big 3, as they were left with nothing but the mocking words of a pencil-necked geek professor, and the three laptop computers so graciously "donated" by the university. With their newly acquired technology, a 12-pack of frisbees from K-Mart, and some clean underwear, The Big 3 marched on and formed The Beatdown Brigade! With their frisbees held high and laptops poised as the weapons of their vengeance, The Brigade stomped through the endless universe of Subspace and for a time ventured about this really weird RPG that Sleepy made for a computer class.

After countless years of spaceship game dominance (this dominance included disbanding and reforming more times than the Doobie Brothers, being absorbed by a squad called Pallies, and then going on the road as Madonna groupies for two years), The Beatdown Brigade loaded up the cargo hold and made their way to Warcraft! Our space truckin' days are done, and now this group of retired pilots strap on the [Uber Gloves of Buttfucking Destruction] and drop fatal bitch slaps on dragons and stuff!