Interested in joining the Beatdown Brigade? File your application here!

Thank you for stopping by to check out the Beatdown Brigade! We're a friendly, dedicated, slightly twisted, and fun-loving bunch that's looking for YOU to join our ranks!

Why join the Beatdown Brigade? It's simple!

-The Brigade prides itself on strong leadership, group comradery, and respect for one another while realizing that this is a source of entertainment and relaxation for us all. It's all about having fun!

-We foster a generally friendly atmosphere as we strive to enjoy and keep entertained by all the World of Warcraft has to offer. It's all about having fun!

-Our member base takes pride and ownership in all our guild has done and has to offer!

-We work tirelessly to assure our members are successful and meet the personal goals they have while playing, as this leads to the overall success of our guild.

-We work to develop the individual player and their respective class, drawing from the wealth of knowledge of our member base. Several of us have participated in the closed Alpha and Beta testing phases, and have enjoyed dedicated game playing since WoW went live.

-We focus our gameplay on teamwork and building the team structure in order to set the standard for all others. We've already proven time and again that through teamwork any obstacle can be overcome!

-All in all, we're a guild motivated by the challenges laid before us and the successes we achieve as a whole!

We are a PvE/PvP oriented guild, but the current end-game PvE challenges and rewards have far exceeded those from PvP. Our long term focus is maintaining a team that can successfully run all end game content with as little stress and learning curve as possible. We are not deterred from PvP, and fully encourage all forms of respectful PvP encounters. Our guild is highly focused on building our ranks and developing our team skills, in order to achieve success in the current end-game instances as well as the coming instances and battlegrounds.

We also highly value friendship as a key part of our guild. Most of our members have known each other personally for years, and we encourage our members to invite their personal friends to join us. This is one of the key reasons we've enjoyed so much success over the past seven years. We not only encourage groups of friends to join us, but we encourage friendship and comradery amongst each other. We are a guild, but we are much more than that. We are a group of friends who take pride in the respect we have for each other and for the relationships we've built in our time together.

The Beatdown Brigade is here, and is here to stay! Our goal is to maintain ourselves a strong core of members and friends, who are dedicated to having fun and achieving success in all this game has to offer. We work to offer a fair system of rules for the guild and loot, to offer a balanced raiding schedule for PvE encounters, to build on team ethic in battlegrounds and PvP raiding, and create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all. If this sounds like a recipe for fun and success, we'd like to give you a chance to get to know us! We are now actively recruiting members to join our ranks of success. We invite anyone to visit our website and forums, or to drop one of us a line in the game. We openly invite players to join us in groups and raids, and encourage others to look us up to join your groups as well. We especially encourage the smaller guilds made up of close friends to give us a shout, as the friends dynamic has been the key to our success over the years. Stop on by and join us for some fun! You surely won't be disappointed!

Interested in joining the Beatdown Brigade? File your application here!